The big Gauntlet news this week is that, having officially confirmed we now have our Teams registered, we can now announce our Gauntlet compares’: “challenge within a challenge”…


Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, your two sporting heroes and Gauntlet compares for the evening of June 4th, have thrown down their own Gauntlet’s to each other and challenged each other to an inaugural Gauntlet “Challenge within a challenge”.

Through a fair and meaningful process, the 20 registered Gauntlet teams will be divided into two Legions – The Chutes and The Nico’s.

The cumulative scores of each legion of Teams on the night will be tallied and the Captain of the highest scoring legion will be declared victorious over his Gauntlet-casting opponent.

The prize? The setting of a forfeit to be undertaken by the vanquished!

Team leaders – once you have been assigned your Captain, you will be notified whether you are a Chute or a Nico. make sure you pay attention to your weekly update emails from your organising committee. You may have simple tasks to undertake on behalf of your Captain to earn them bonus points.